Get the “Poo” Out of Your Shampoo!

So, all bodycare products including shampoo have toxic chemicals in it. Yes, even baby shampoos like Johnson and Johnson (sorry, J&J, the truth hurts). I want to help minimize your chemical and toxin exposure by sharing a DIY Young Living Essential Oil Shampoo recipe with you! But first, why do we care what is in our shampoo, I mean, it’s not like we are eating it?


It may be shocking to hear that you might be better off eating the chemical-filled shampoo rather than letting it touch your skin (not that eating it would clean your hair)… My point is your body at least has stomach acids and your kidneys to help deal with and filter some chemicals out. However, when toxins touch your skin, you absorb it DIRECTLY into your blood stream! This causes practically instant mobility to all organs all over your body. I have bought shampoos that are better than standard brands, but still A LOT of words I cannot pronounce or understand.


What I do understand is that these are the top chemicals (just below) you want to avoid if you are not interested in DIY shampoo. You want to avoid them because they are immune and neurological disruptors. Last I checked, your brain is a BIG part of your neurological system and the control center of your body, so toxic shampoos directly on your head, not a good idea.


Shampoo Ingredients to Avoid:

  1. SLS/SLES – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate – I have trouble remembering this one, so I just remember “Sodium blah-blah-blah Sulfate”. I’m sure manufacturers will continue to spin the second word to continue to use these cheap chemicals in their products. Well, they can keep ALL of their products with this bad boy, it is a known carcinogen (STRONGLY linked to causing cancer). Oh, this one also leaves a residue on your organs for up to 5 days, so hope you are not washing your hair very often.
  2. Phthalates – Many of the ingredient lists affectionately call this “fragrance”. This sounds so harmless, but it is not. This ingredient is linked to birth defects.
  3. Methylisothiazolinone – Ingredient that may show up as MIT. This one is not strongly understood, but is linked to nervous system issues.
  4. Parabens – Ingredient that acts like the female estrogen hormone. Most people understand a hormone imbalance is trouble and causes cancer cells to thrive.


DIY Essential Oil Shampoo Recipe

Ok, enough toxin talk (for now). With toddlers, I have found showers are a luxury. Sorry, co-workers only popping in the shower every 3-4 days in this house. Ha! (Now I’m sharing too much)

To add shine, use Rosemary or Chamomile essential oil.

For dry hair, use Lavender, Rosemary, or Geranium essential oil.

For oily hair, use Rosemary, Peppermint, Cypress, or Basil essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil promotes hair growth!


Just mix all ingredients together with a mixer and add the essential oil(s) last (with the final mix). You can always add more essential oils, so drip slowly and consider the amazing fragrance and health promoting benefits as you determine your favorite combination. Store in a mason jar and they sell awesome pumps for these DIY’s. Yes, this shampoo will not be creamy like a typical store bought shampoo, but it works even better and no chemicals to worry about affecting your body!


Conditioner? I just use a TINY amount of organic coconut oil. I have long hair and I avoid my bangs because a small amount of oil like coconut oil does not dry well in hair. I prefer Carrington Farms. Put it in, leave it for 5-ish minutes and rinse it out. That’s it. Not too much coconut oil. Otherwise, you’ll be greasy. The amount of coconut oil will vary person-to-person and as your hair healthily adjusts to not being completely stripped of good, natural oils from your body, the amount needed may change as well.


With Young Living Essential Oils (of course, Young Living! It’s the best and highest quality. You can’t beat their Seed to Seal® Guarantee) in your DIY’s actually promote health and well-being instead of crushing it like standard ingredients mentioned above. I suggest Rosemary for all hair types. Rosemary essential oil helps with mental clarity and fatigue. Don’t let some of my suggestions stop you from experimenting with all kinds of combinations!


A few of my favorite essential oil combinations for shampoo that I didn’t mention above is the classic lavender & orange (more lavender than orange because orange can be very over-powering) or lavender & peppermint or just plain Thieves. For men out there, Cedarwood or Sandalwood Young Living Essential Oil is nice, more of a “woodsy” smell.


If you are already a Young Living distributor, Good for You! I hope you love this recipe. If you are ready to become one, please click here and I will be your sponsor. Otherwise, if you are unsure about these types of DIY’s, please be diligent by reading the ingredients list of the body care products you buy and share information about these types of issues that maybe others aren’t thinking of.


Cost of DIY Young Living Essential Oil Shampoo Recipe

When it comes to you and your family’s health, the DIY recipes I use and will continue to post, can literally be a life-saver and is priceless. However, looking at the financial aspect of better brands versus DIY Shampoo, a fair example is most brands that are conscious of eliminating or reducing toxic chemicals in their shampoo products would cost about $19.99/10 oz. bottle. My DIY Young Living Essential Oil Shampoo recipe costs me about $3.79/10 oz. I don’t think you can put a price on health, but heck, if it saves you money as well, why wouldn’t you try?


Your Choices Do Make a Difference in Your Health!