E13I’m Kenna. I am a full-time manager during the 9-5…actually 6-3. More importantly, I’m a loving momma-bear of 3 at all hours, health advocate, somewhat noisy about my passions, and hopefully, what my husband would call a loving wife.


I want to share things with you concerning health and common fears that people don’t want to talk about. And I want to learn from you! We are in this together. You know, you can search the internet to twist anything in your favor like coffee is healthy or coffee is unhealthy. Who should you trust? I wished I had a place to go to that explains how to obtain a healthier life, explain ‘the why’ (I need the WHY), what not to do and then more importantly, WHAT TO DO. I don’t want to leave people hanging. I’ve researched and end up finding, this is bad and that is bad and this is bad…and you are waiting for a little help here and…(end of article). It leaves me frustrated to know, well, what is good and why?!!  I’ll help get you there and this is the main reason I started this site.


I have an unwillingness to accept things for what they are first presented. I am a challenger because I want to make the best decisions possible for my family. I feel I am and now I want to help you. My goal is to inspire you to recognize the need for a healthier lifestyle!  I can’t do it without you. I want to help you question, research, and choose the best option for you and yours! It is your God-given right to choose. It’s a beautiful thing.


There is no such thing as one-size-fits all when it comes to lifestyle. I want to encourage you to take on a challenge, one small step at a time. I’ll share my life goal with you; really it sounds simple, but it is to be a fun-loving grandma! I want to be playing (I mean getting on the floor with or playing tag with) and loving on my grandbabies! I can’t do that without long-term health.


Things that drive me (besides my beautiful children and gorgeous husband ‘inside and out’):

  • Toxic-free lifestyle in beauty and cleaning with DIY Essential Oil creations (sometimes I like to call ‘potions’ just because it’s fun!)
  • Essential Oil use neat or blended to be an alternative treatment for ailments or getting over colds quicker. Of course, choosing Young Living Essential Oils because they are number one for quality and purity!
  • Real food recipes (I won’t post anything that doesn’t taste good!) that encourage healing.
  • Current healthcare concerns maybe not yet in mainstream media (mainly, awareness because I’m not a doctor. This blog is a safe community, free of judgement for Mom’s or families with fears) – Voice your fears, you will find you are not alone. God loves you and He calls upon us to love each other.
  • Kid-friendly activities with a creative spin!


Don’t stop here. Check out my blog and get in the conversation. Every small step you take towards a healthier lifestyle is something you should be proud of, will better your well-being, lower your toxicity level, and is your choice.


Your choices do make a difference!

~ Kenna